WAKO NZ/International membership is available to any club or person who practices stand up martial arts. There are a number of different membership types available.

Affiliated Clubs

Clubs can become affiliated with WAKO NZ simply by completing an affiliation form in this WAKO INFORMATION PACK and forwarding to WAKO Secretary Saniya Yusipova,

Grading Clubs

Grading Clubs are also affiliated clubs and may grade members: Clubs must apply to the Grading Committee and receive authorisation through them. A grading syllabus is supplied by WAKO NZ but can be modified by clubs. The level at which each club may grade will be determined by several factors including the grade of the instructors. Please note WAKO International approves dan grades (black belts) in Kickboxing that are facilitated through WAKO NZ. Clubs will receive an official annual grading stamp for use on certificates. The stamp legitimises the certificate and grade awarded by verifying that the grading has been carried out with WAKO NZ approval. There is an annual grading club membership fee of $150 payable to WAKO NZ.

Individual Membership

(all members regardless of club membership must complete an application form)

Personal membership is a requirement for anyone who wishes to grade through WAKO NZ or fight in WAKO sanctioned tournaments (including title fights).Individuals of either affiliated or grading clubs who wish to join
WAKO NZ can do so by paying an annual fee of $10. In return: Members will receive a membership card which entitles the member to a range of discount and sponsorship benefits. The card will also provide proof of membership of a WAKO NZ sanctioned club when needed - for instance if purchasing items from a martial arts outlet. Members will have their grading recognised in formal WAKO NZ communications and Internationally in the case of dan grades (Black belts). A register of all gradings is maintained and available for viewing on the WAKO NZ web site.