Black Kicks New Logo


WAKO NZ is pleased to announce the release of the WAKO NZ National team logo ‘BlackKicks’. This logo will be used now and for all future National teams as the brand for WAKO New Zealand National Teams. Many thanks to Phil McArdle and the team at SG Design Ltd



WAKO New Zealand Team announced for WAKO World Championships:

Brazil:    28 September – 6 October:

Division:  K1:                                                                                 

Jason Mischewski                         Under 63.5kg                                    

Adam Blundell                                 Under 67kg

Codie Hair                                       Under 71kg                                        

David Watts                                     Under 75kg                                        

Selby Deveroux                               Under 81kg                                        

Joshua Jefferis                               Under 86kg                                        

Mika Maliefelu                                 91kg and over                                   

Division:  Low Kick:                                                                     

Jamie Henery                                 Under 57kg                                        

Joe Dougherty                                Under 60kg

Nicholas Aratema                          Under 63.5kg                                    

Shawn Forbes                                 Under 67kg                                        

Oscar Batucan                                Under 71 kg                                       

Brad So                                             Under 75kg                                        

Cody Harris                                      Under 81kg                                        

Paul Stewart                                     Under 91kg                                        

Herman Sakaria                              91kg and over                                   

Division:  Women’s Low Kick:

Dana Templeman                          Under 52kg

Brittany Schuck                               Under 56kg

Derey Haywood                              Under 60kg


Turkey:    30 November – 8 December

Division:  Full Contact:

Philip McDowall                              Under 67kg

Division:  Semi Contact/Light Contact:

Simon Davis                                    Under 63kg

Phil  McArdle                                 Under 79kg

Division:  Semi Contact/Light Contact/Kick Light:

Phil Wilson                                      Under 74kg

Riley Phillips                                   Under 84kg

Division:  Kick Light:

Timo Kuske                                     Under 69kg

Ryan Rushton                                 Under 79kg

Division:  Semi Contact/Light Contact/Kick Light (vets):

Adam Kaluzny                                 Under 84kg

Division:  Semi Contact/Light Contact/Kick Light /Musical Forms(vets):

Kerry McEvoy                                   Under 74kg



New Zealand President

Pete Thompson 027 296 0283

National Ring Selector/Coach 

Jason Vorster 021 293 9102

National Tatami Selector/Coach

Chris Broughton 021 0231 4419