Fees for Grading Clubs

An annual grading club membership fee of $150 is payable to WAKO NZ. To keep costs down clubs (if required) are responsible for their own certificates and belts (aside from blackbelts). For the annual membership fee the club will receive:


  • An official grading stamp for use on certificates
  • Publication of graded members on WAKO website and facebook pages
  • Ability to submit applications for blackbelt gradings

Everytime a club grades members, a fee of $5 per member per grading is payable to WAKO NZ by the club. This fee covers the entry of the graded member into the WAKO grading register and recognition of the grade by WAKO NZ. Please note, to keep costs down WAKO NZ does not supply certificates or belts for coloured grades, however if this is required WAKO can supply these for a small charge ($25 inclusive of the $5 grading fee).



Affliation to WAKO No Charge
Grading Club $150 per annum
Individual Membership $10 per annum
Sports Pass $20 (bulk discount rates available)
Grading fees $5 per member per grading
Blackbelt grading fee Available on request (includes grading committee, certificate and belt)