DARE partnership

In 2010, WAKO International partnered with the D.A.R.E. programme - Drug Abuse Resistance Education - as a worldwide corporate sponsor to help bring children a positive alternative to drugs and gang violence through healthy sports activities.

The D.A.R.E programme is more than just drug prevention education; it teaches young people good decision-making skills to help them avoid high-risk behaviour to ensure they grow up healthy, safe and secure.

Kickboxing is recognised as being able to help young men and women grow in body and spirit through not only teaching martial arts, but teaching them to make healthy decisions which lead to to productive and drug-free lives.

It  is believed that this partnership will offer kids positive role models. To compete at the highest level requires setting goals, working hard and dedication to a drug-free life. All athletes strive for recognition in a highly competitive sport which requires practice and dedication to excel in mind, body and spirit. Internationally kickboxing holds the following core values: honesty, integrity, athleticism, discipline, knowledge, education and holistic health. All are developed in a dynamic and energetic environment.

The new safe-t line products launched by WAKO will on sale of each product, donate US$1 to support the DARE programme. The obvious financial benefits, along with role modeling, will hopefully help keep kids away from drugs and any form of abuse.