Brown Belt (25 to 50 months)

  • Student must verbalise the use of force against another person.
  • Student must verbalise the basic rule difference of Semi-Contact, Light Contact, Full Contact, K1 / Oriental and Thai.


  • Jump Cross Punch
  • Jump lead Back fist
  • Jump Spinning Back fist (K1 Style rules)


  • Jump Turning Back Kick
  • Jump Spinning Hook Kick
  • Jump Knee strike to front
  • Roundhouse Knee Strike


  • Teach techniques to class - Punch & Kick combinations: Basic & Intermediate levels.


  • (Freestyle) Defend against unknown hand strikes, and counter strike. (line up)
  • Defend against unknown Kicks, and counter strike. (line up)
  • Defend against 3 holds - releasing the hold.
  • Defend against 3 knife attacks – Disarm and/or Disable.


Sparring should be undertaken relative to the applicant. The test is to determine the applicants ability to defend, attack and control a fight situation and their physical stamina and fitness. Sparring should include, but not limited to:


  1. Submission fighting (grappling) 2 min x 3 rounds (no striking)
  2. Sparring (relative to Applicants style) 2 min x 10 rounds (1 min break between rounds)
  3. Controlled sparring against 2 attackers – including takedowns (limited floor wrestling) 3 min x 1 round