Black Belt 1st Dan (31 to 36 months)

  • Must be regularly teaching or assisting a class (Seniors Only)
  • Must have a current first aid certificate.


Over arm Cross punch Jump Ridge hand (rear) Jump Back fist (Lead) Spinning Elbow (street defence technique, Thai rules) Jump Cross Punch Jump Spinning Back fist (K1 rules)


One step Axe Kick (Outwards) Jump Turning Side Kick Front Knee strike Roundhouse Knee Strike Jump Spinning Hook Kick.


Jab, Hook punch (Rev) Uppercut (Lead) Jump Front Knee Strike (Rev) Double roundhouse elbow, (Lead + Rear) Rising elbow (lead) Downward elbow (Rear) Roundhouse Kick (Rear) Hook Kick.(same) x 2. Hook Kick (Lead) Roundhouse Kick (same) x 2.


Demonstrate four combinations of applicants choosing against pads to demonstrate knowledge and appropriate use of techniques, a verbal explanation of the combinations demonstrated will be required. The examiners will ‘question’ the choice of techniques to test the applicants knowledge.
Each combination should demonstrate ‘Black belt’ knowledge.


Punch Kick combinations: Examiners instruction

DEFENCES (Freestyle)

Defend against unknown hand strikes, and counter strike. (Line up) Defend against unknown Kicks, and counter strike. (Line up) Defend against 5 unknown holds. Defend against 5 Unknown Weapon attacks. (eg Knife, bat, club, bottle etc)

SPARRING and Physical Conditioning

Sparring should be undertaken relative to the applicant. The test is to determine the applicants ability to defend, attack and control a fight situation. Additionally, enough sparring should be undertaken to test the applicants fitness, physical conditioning and how they perform under stress and pressure. Sparring should include, but not limited to:
1. Submission fighting (grappling) 2 min x 3 rounds (strikes allowed)
2. Sparring (relative to Applicants style) 2 min rounds x appropriate number of rounds1 – fresh opponent every round.
3. Controlled sparring against 2 attackers – including takedowns (limited floor wrestling) 5min x 1 round
Grading will take approximately 3 – 4 hours. Participants should drink regularly and the changing of Training clothes during the session is permitted.

A person under the age of 16 will grade as a Probationary Black belt and will be re-assessed when ready after the age of 16 years old.

Number of rounds should be sufficient to push applicant to near exhaustion e.g. 20 – 30 rounds.